Sunday, March 22, 2015

Share the loooooove today!

Image by niamwhan

I got a scary email.  Scary because of the amount of hate jammed into a single message.

The Conservative Republicans of Texas invited me to their ‘Rally to Defend the Texas Marriage Amendment.’  I want to go.  Not to support them, of course, but to support marriage.  True marriage, you know, the kind between people who want to be married, regardless of any of the silly rules that some people think should be put in place. 

In the email, the group uses some awesome language to try to push their hate. 

It’s time to rally and take action to defend God’s truth about marriage! A fierce battle has begun for the soul of Texas between those who defend God’s Biblical institution of marriage and those who hate God’s standards and promote homosexual ‘mirage.’”

The idea that homosexuals could be married is a ‘mirage.’ It is contrary to God’s moral order. It’s a counterfeit. It’s a lie. It’s evil. The homosexuals and their supporters intend to destroy the institution of marriage against the will of the people of Texas. The homosexuals want to force Texans to accept 'homosexual mirage’ as morally right.

I need you to join the army that is forming to take a bold stand for Texas’ sovereignty and to defend God’s truth about marriage! Rally your fellow Christians to do likewise.”

Just wow. 

(But I do kind of admire them for how well they threw in the whole ‘sovereignty of Texas’ and ‘the soul of Texas.’  Amazing language choices…but pretty damn horrible nonetheless.)

I can’t begin to tell you all the problems in those statements, but I do want to point out some of the issues with this email.  Because, let’s be honest, marriage originally had nothing to do with the church.  It was financial.  And the Bible isn’t known for its happy marriages based on love and a man and woman.  In fact, I could swear there were parts about how you should give a raped virgin to her rapist to ‘save’ her, and how you could pay off a family if you happened to rape a virgin.  All things that were peachy keen in the Bible.  Soooo…maybe we won’t go any further than that. 

But I would like to ask you to.

I would be at the rally, standing happily on the other side, arguing for marriage and equality for all, but I just got notification today, and there’s no way I can make it to Austin. 

I’m assuming that most of you are in the same position.  You can’t make it either. 

Instead, I’m hoping to set up a virtual response.

Go to this website:

It will let you find your representatives.  Then send them e-mails, making sure that they realize that the hate-mongers on the steps of the Capitol do not speak for all of us.

 If you want to, you can also respond here, letting me know that you’ve spoken up.  We need to make sure that people spouting hate aren’t going to overwhelm those of us who are care about love.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The power of the yoga pants

Joke? Or real? You decide!

Lately there have been more and more blogs and other pieces that come out, denouncing women for wearing yoga pants in public.  I mean – yoga pants!  They’re clearly just a small step away from the devil’s doorbell!

But, seriously, because of all the noise, I decided that I should go ahead and wear my yoga pants out in public.

And now, after wearing yoga pants in public, I finally understand why men feel the need to rape women.

The power trip!

Knowing that I’m forcing my will on an unwilling person – making a man look at me (against his will, of course, because wearing a pair of yoga pants forces a man to have a wandering eye)…the power!  The trip! The sexual content!

Really, I had no urge to do it before, but now that yoga pants are considered so evil, I just want to wear them every day.

Wait, you say.  That’s not true.  Men aren’t *forced* to ogle women, even if they are wearing pants that cling.  Men don’t *need* to rape women.  This is clearly a false analogy.  Rape and yoga pants aren’t the same thing.

You’re right.

I totally agree.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the ‘news’ is filled with blogs about the evils of yoga pants, yet rape takes a back seat.  Just recently, Houston decided to go ahead and look through a backlog of 30 YEARS! of untested rape kits and found 850 DNA matches.  850.  And that's just in Houston.  Seriously, wtf, world?  Why are we focusing on the evils of yoga pants when we should be focusing on serial rapists? 

So, me, I’m going to keep wearing my yoga pants in public, but, somehow, I’m also going to restrain myself and avoid raping people.  It’s amazing how that’s possible, but it is.