Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lenovo – You’re the Dick!

So I got two emails from a company I used to love...Lenovo.  I say “used to love them” because right about now, not so much.  

But wait – what am I fuming about?

I got two – not just one, mind you, but two! – ads in email from Lenovo over the holiday weekend. 

Their tag line for their labor day sale?  “To the man working for the man.”

Yeah, “to the man” and the subject line of the first email was, as you can see in the pic, “You’re the man.” 

No.  No.  No, no, no, no, no.  I need to return my computer now.

Yes, this is a screen capture of the ad I received...
gotta love a company who knows that only men use computers!

Here goes my return letter:

Dear Lenovo,

Apparently, you got confused about who owned one of your computers.  Because, you see, I’m not “the man.”  And, in fact, while I work for some men, I also work for some women.  So I’m not even working for “the man.” (Yes, I get the reference to “the man,” but that’s just as insulting – assuming that only men are in charge…)

So, Lenovo, while I’ve had my computer for several months now, and I even posted about how awesome the customer service was, I now see the folly of my ways.  I apparently purchased a product meant only for men.  I would like to return my computer and get a refund.  Of course, I’m not sure if that’s possible.  To be fair, I have been using my computer, and I may have gotten women-cooties all over it. 

Perhaps in the future, you will deem it proper to make a product that women like me can enjoy.  Until then, I will just have to save up and buy a Dell.


A Totally Pissed-Off Crazy Ass Feminist

(And, yes, I actually did send the letter with my contact information to Lenovo through their Customer Service website…)