Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Open Letter to Facebook and Their “Standards”

Dear Facebook,

Wise the fuck up! 

What are these “standards” you speak of that it doesn’t violate?  The ones that say that two men (or two women) kissing is evil, but showing support for a madmen who murdered innocent people is peachy keen?  The ones that say that breast feeding is an abomination, but supporting a man who posted manifestos declaring women as evil simply because they wouldn’t fuck him (and then murdering random women in a premeditated rampage) is okay by you? 

Who the hell writes your standards, Facebook? 

And, yeah, I totally get the irony that I’m posting this up on another social media site ( and then linking to it on Facebook, but that’s kinda the point, Facebook!  I want you to see it.  I want everyone to see it.  I know it’s just another complaint – just another entry in the long list in the ways that Facebook is fucked up – but my brain just can’t process that you think this page is okay while pages that objectify women are all good and acceptable. 

So, Facebook, maybe you can reconsider it.  Maybe if you were truly an AI without a stupid fucking human behind you, maybe then you’d realize that this page is totally fucking unacceptable and take it the fuck down.

So fuck you, Facebook, and your totally fucked up views!

(And, yeah, I was totally going for as many fucks as I could in one post – not enough?  Too many?  Wait, let me add a final one for the road: Fuck you, Facebook!)

Waiting to see Google+ go beyond just Google employees so that I can start using it instead