Friday, April 29, 2016

Can I get a “what the fuck?”

Now a town in Alabama has passed a law that says that people must use bathrooms of their birth gender, regardless of anything else. Apparently, having that liberal, progressive Target in town scared them.

Seriously, how far is this going? Everyone needs to throw up their hands and offer a “what the fuck?” to the sky.

The main reason people are giving for these rules and regulations and laws is that they’re afraid that perverts are going to get into the bathrooms.

Um, news flash – it’s already happened.

Do you honestly believe that by stopping certain people from using bathrooms, you’re going to stop sexual assault? If you do, then let’s start by keeping out people who actually have sexual assault records. Get a cop to stand outside each bathroom at each public location in each town, and have them run a record check. What? You say that’s ridiculous? Yeah, it is. So if putting cops at bathrooms isn’t going to work, how are you planning on “protecting” the women and children? By passing a law that someone who plans on breaking a much more serious law is going to listen to? I think that, as a rule, criminals don’t follow laws, so who are you actually stopping? Someone who has to pee? Congratulations.

I keep waiting for it all to blow over and for people to go back to being sane, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen at this point. I’m worried that now that the crazy has been unleashed, it will only get worse. Like this random guy in Texas who decided that it was his job to patrol the bathrooms. What would he have done if someone didn’t meet his criteria for the ladies’ room? Detain them? Attack them? I don’t know about you, but I’m a lot more scared of a guy who is going to use his “best judgment” as to who belongs in the bathroom. Who died and left him in charge of the genitalia checks?

Transgender issues are feminist issues. We can’t exclude trans women any more than we can exclude women who were born intersex or who were born without vaginas or who had complete hysterectomies. Your genitals and sex organs don’t define who you are. Laws that discriminate against transgender people discriminate against women.

Be an ally, not an asshole.

Can I get a “what the fuck?”