Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thank you, Self Daily, for knowing what matters to a woman

‘Twas the day before Christmas
And email was coming
Including one from Self Daily
To set my mind thrumming.

Okay, I give up on trying to make this like ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas because, well, too much effort. And if I wanted to put effort into anything, it would be doing my arms workout so I could be “Star Wars-Worthy.”


That’s what I just said.

I need to get a new arm workout from Daisy Ridley of Star Wars so that I, too, can be “Star Wars-Worthy.”

Now, I’ll give Self this much credit: at least the article wasn’t how to get your make-up “Star Wars-Worthy.” And it wasn’t how to lose enough weight to be “Star Wars-Worthy.”

But why do women have to be “Star Wars-Worthy” at all?

I didn’t see anything about how men how to be buff to go see “Mission Impossible.” Why should women need to add an additional arm workout to any exercise routine in order to be in good enough shape for Star Wars?

And, yes, I get it. They don’t really mean that you need to work out in order to go see the movie. But their tagline of “The force is with your arms, back, and shoulders…” really makes me wonder why they expect that women should need to add a workout to look as good as a woman in a movie.

I suppose the real issue, when you drill all the way down to it, is that they aren’t looking for ways to get healthier. They’re looking purely at the physical appearance. A woman’s self, Self seems to be saying, is based on if she’s looking as good as someone in Star Wars. It’s based on if she’s “Star Wars-Worthy.”

Me? I’m definitely not “Star Wars-Worthy.” And I’m okay with that. (Although I am definitely curious about “12 Problems Sex Therapists Hear All The Time…”