Monday, January 18, 2016

It’s a trap!

I play some games on my phone, and as part of the free option, there are ads. Lots of ads. Probably too many ads. I say that because the ads become overwhelming and distracting when it comes to actually playing the game, and I wind up getting annoyed and frustrated at the ads.

Like the one for ‘Honey Trap.’

According to its Google Play page, “Have you ever dreamt of conquering the world and having fun with countless HOT beauties? Honey Trap is definitely your choice! The year's hottest mobile RPG “Honey Trap” has been officially released! Players will be able to experience the turbulent times when battlefields filled the land and flames of war are wide-spread. Come! Assemble your heroes and set out to conquer the world! The beautiful belles are awaiting your arrival!”

When I saw the ads, I had no idea that there was anything in the game other than sex. The ad that I saw, and the one that’s up on YouTube does nothing to say that there is anything other than sex in it.  

The focus of the game is to attract and get “belles.” The ad doesn’t even give them that much respect. It instead shows them as cards that you can flip over and “get.”

Can I "get" a what the fuck?

I mean, seriously, how sad is it that we are creating games where it appears the main purpose is to have sex with random (mostly Asian) women that have no lives and personalities of their own. I do understand the point of porn, and I understand that this is basically just an RPG of porn, but still. What are we teaching men and boys if we give them games like this?

People wonder why men and boys have no respect for women. Well, if they grow up playing games like this, I can’t be surprised. You’re basically teaching them to win women for their daring deeds.

Let me tell you a secret: women are not prizes to be won. They are actual human beings with their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. They aren’t there for your amusement and your pleasure. They are there for their own, and if the two happen to intersect, success for all! But to imagine or pretend that women don’t exist except for how men perceive them to exist is a problem.

Again, I understand porn. I enjoy porn. This isn’t porn. This is purely objectification. There can be no arguments made that the women in this game are being empowered. They are being used. And they are teaching men that’s all they’re good for.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Can girls be gay?

Guys and Girls Rocking Out
Are we gay? Are we straight? Are we bi?
Who the fuck cares!

Seriously. I never thought I’d be writing about this, but after a conversation I had this past week, I felt the need to address this.

And, yes, it is a feminist issue. I shouldn’t need to explain that at all, so I won’t.

Here goes.

Girls can be gay. (I’m using girls as a generic term – replace it with whatever word works for you…I just always use girls and guys as my terminology.)

I can’t believe I had to post that.

Just in case you missed it, tho…

Girls can be gay.

Why did this even come up?

Well, twice in the same week, it was brought to my attention that some girls call other lesbians “fake” if they are trying to insult them, and a guy asked if a teenager I knew was “really gay” or if she just “thought she should be.”


Why the hell would someone call someone else’s sexual orientation fake? Do we run up to straight people and be like, “OMG! You are so not a heterosexual! Stop pretending!” (Okay, to be fair, sometimes we do, like when we have a friend who is in the closet and afraid to come out, and we’re trying to be supportive in a totally unsupportive way…) But, in general, we wouldn’t think of accusing someone of pretending to be straight as an insult.

And why the hell would a girl be a lesbian because she “thought she should be”? Who thinks they have to be gay? Was there some sort of indoctrination meeting I missed? Should I also be pretending to be gay so I can fit in and be cool? Why would I pretend that? So I can get discriminated against? So I can worry that my friends and family will reject me? So I can wonder if I can walk safely down the street?

Look, guys – and girls – I hate to break this to you, but some girls like other girls. And some girls like both girls and guys. And some girls like guys. And it’s all good, and it’s all okay. What’s not okay is to question someone else’s sexuality. It’s not good to ask if someone is faking their sexual orientation.

So, the take away from this blog?

Stop being a douche. If someone tells you their sexual orientation, tell them, “Oh, okay,” and go on with your lives. It doesn’t matter, and you don’t get to judge.