Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What the fuck, Ford Motors?

Image by inatashko @ morgueFile.comApparently Ford Motors was really into their good old motto (Found On Road Dead) a bit too much lately, as shown in their latest ad campaign in India.  Their ad for the Figo, not available in the US, was released into the wild tubes of the Internet and is, well, wildly inappropriate.

The image that is meant to help sell the car is about its ability to hold women captive while transporting them for what we assume would be rape and murder.  Seriously.  The ad pictures a man in the front seat who looks like he’s wearing some spooky knock-off of a Nixon mask if you look quickly and three women in the trunk.  Yes, the trunk.  Not the back seat.  And why the trunk and not the back seat?

Because the women in the ad are all bound and gagged and looking quite unhappy about it.  One looks like she’s in a schoolgirl outfit, another is in a fake police women outfit (like Officer Love from the Halloween shop), and the other is just in a low-cut dress. 

Now let’s make it worse.  The tag line was “Leave your worries behind with the Figo’s extra-large boot.”  (For those not in the know, the “boot” is the trunk in British/UK English). 

Admittedly, they never ran the ad.  But that it was even a consideration should be enough.  Yes, they apologized.  But they still thought of it.  They still released it to the web. 

I won’t break their copyright and include the ad, but you can go and see it at Auto Guide:

And you can see their “apology” over at the Wall Street Journal:

So, really, what the fuck, Ford?  Did you just have the biggest brain fart in the world?  Or do you need to get tied up and gagged in the back of one of your own cars?