Friday, June 16, 2017

Violence rules, guns are cool, and we have guns…everywhere

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(Apologies to Dead Milkmen for stealing part of their song)

When gun violence happens – like at the government ball field – we all act surprised. Gun violence is so rare!

Go look at the news. Not just local news, but nationwide.

Pick a day at random and do a quick Google search. I’ll wait.

Here’s mine. I searched for June 13 because after June 14, all the top news stories were about the two big shooting (government and UPS).

So let’s go:

North Carolina: Man shot in the legs

This is only from the first page of results – four of the items that came up were not on topic. One was in Germany, one was about a shooting in the past, and another was about victims from a previous shooting being identified, and one was an aggregator of shootings over time.

You can look at this and say, hey, I could probably find a lot of news on Google. That’s true.

You can look at this and say, hey, I think that one of those was not a criminal act; it was a shop owner protecting his store. That’s true, too.

Another thing that’s true is that the dead people listed above had real lives. They were real people. They had real families. They were killed by guns. That's true.

** Important for you to know as you read this blog and get mad at me:

I like guns. I own guns. I shoot guns. I feel that guns do have a purpose and can be used as tools.

However. All that said, I can acknowledge and accept that there are problems with the state of gun ownership in the U.S. If you can’t, then please do a few Google searches of your own.

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